Fanzine documentary film: “What does UNDERGROUND means?”

The film (90 minutes) will be released for free with english subtitles the 26/10/2012 in this website.

what does underground meansSYNOPSIS

In Spain, the fanzines are comic-books made ​​by amateurs. They are the ones who are responsible for all the aspects of the edition: drawing, editing, distributing etc. The comic book industry is becoming more and more complicated. Sales remain stable, so publishers seek to not take risks. That makes self-publishing the only way for many comic artists, rookies and not so rookies.

There are many types of fanzines. The documentary “¿Qué significa UNDERGROUND?” talks about comic-book fanzines, in which the artists make their contributions with the only reward of getting to see their work published in paper. Many artists combine the physical and economic effort of publishing fanzines with jobs that allow them to pay bills. Some are professionals in fields such as illustration or design, looking to excel in the world of  comic-books. For other people, the fanzine is just a way to have fun with their friends and meet new people who share interests.

The documentary QSU? starts in the Getxo Comic convention, in the basque country. The people of the convention pays a tribute to the 20 years of living of the independent magazine TMEO. This magazine have had comic artists who today are recognized nationally and internationally. The TMEO was born as an association of underground fanzines, and nowadays still survives without help of any institution or government subsidy. In Spain, the term “underground” was used to define a type of alternative comic-books that were made in the 80´s. Nowadays, in the internet era, the term is still used but there is a debate about his relevance.

The documentary “What does UNDERGROUND means?” explores the world of independent comic-books in Spain through the eyes of the people from the fanzines. The camera follow them through comic conventions, fanzine meetings, workshops and exhibitions, so the audience will feel their joys and sorrows while they try to understand what does “underground” really means.

Join us for more info in http://www.facebook.com/documental.fanzines.qsu

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